U.S. Mass Shootings, Exposing Liberal Race-Baiting

In recent years the call for gun reform by liberals has pushed the narrative that “guns are bad” and people aren’t to blame. Rather, had a ban on X existed or a ban on Y been in place none of these tragedies would have occurred. If only it were so simplistic…

Alas, we forget the Columbine massacre, which occurred under the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, claiming the lives of 13 people and injuring 21 others. In spite of this, liberals continue to use these instances of gun violence as platforms to galvanize their base and characterize respectable gun owners alongside psychologically deranged individuals, even if it means re-shaping the gun debate entirely.

Dwayne Mckell who goes by the twitter handle @officialmckell tweeted this:


Now while the number of mass shootings cited was correct at the time, the statement made was far from truthful. The Twitter user writes that in the 154 mass shootings, none were committed by a “black man or illegal alien.” That’s quite interesting, but that raises the question, “who committed these shootings.” This is where the post gets even more intriguing because the Twitter user never explicitly claims who these mass shooters are, for all we know they could be mutant leprechauns from Mars. We just know that these shooters aren’t black and aren’t illegal aliens.

But, when exploring the context of the tweet, it becomes rather clear that the Twitter user attempted to characterize mass shooters according to their race and legal status. Therefore, by logical deduction mass shooters would have to be either White, Asian or Hispanic citizens. Not surprisingly, few liberals were outraged by this characterization, as it fits their narrative in support of open borders and a war on police.

Now while this appeal to identity politics by liberals is far from new, this misguided and ambiguous tweet is something of a joke. So in the spirit of the truth, let’s take a deeper look into the numbers…


When observing the percentage of known to unknown mass shooting suspects, the glaring difference between those that are known to those that are not is quite telling. For starters, it tells us that far more work must be done to catch criminals. but also that the twitter comment as mentioned wasn’t being truthful in its representation of the data.

As of July 15, 2018, roughly 39% of all mass shooting suspects were known, that’s far too small of a sample to issue an ultimatum that not one single mass shooter was a “black man or illegal alien.” In addition, over the five-year span illustrated, less than half of all mass shootings were accounted for with a known suspect. So why was such a blanket statement made? After all, you wouldn’t assume the contents of a bag of marbles having only picked out three, so why was this Twitter user so eager to jump the gun. Simple, to push forth a false narrative that a person’s race and legal status impacts their tendency for mass shootings.

But hold on, I thought to prejudge on the basis of race or even draw a distinction between legal and illegal immigrants was bigoted according to liberal media outlets…apparently not when it’s in support of liberal messaging.

But let’s continue to dig deeper…after all one graph won’t tell the entire story


When looking at the distribution of known shooters across the states, a similar trend is present, most notably that the bulk of states tend to have less than 50% of known suspects accountable…how strange?

Upon a closer examination of some major Democratic states (NY, CA, NJ, MA, DC), you’ll find surprisingly that they have some of the lowest shooter accountability percentages across the United States in 2018…most notably DC, which had 4 mass shootings, all of which without an identifiable shooter.


You would think this information would be important, especially if someone were to boldly assert a claim regarding the demographics of mass shooters…but unfortunately to liberals, appealing to identity politics comes at the expense of honesty.

Put bluntly, mass shootings are a serious problem in this country and encompass a wide variety of situations that go beyond the stereotypical “school shooter scenario.These shootings aren’t bounded by racial affiliation, location, or even gun type…ranging from domestic violence situations to drive-by shootings.

But liberal media outlets won’t focus on analyzing the data or even supporting the hard work of law enforcement officers…rather opting to denigrate groups and rubber stamp them as “an enemy of the people.” We see Democrats “cry wolf” time and time again,…X is a racist or Y is a bigot. Today it might be subtle uninformed tweets pushing a false narrative…but each and every day the left grows more unhinged in their pursuit of lunacy, just read Emily Goldstein’s new work.

But unlike the twitter post mentioned above, I highly doubt a public correction of the fact would garner over a 150k likes. The liberal media wouldn’t so much as retweet it. 

Data Sources provided by MassShootingTracker.org


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